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Girls Volleyball

Winter Sports Offered


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Boys Basketball


Chisago Christian School students

The Chisago Christian School Athletics program is open to Chisago Christian School students who are academically qualified to participate.

In addition to this we do have limited participation options available to students who are homeschooled.


Part-Time & Homeschooled Student Participation

Homeschooled students that are not enrolled in another school, including online public academies, charter schools, or another Christian school, may apply for admission into the CCS Athletics Program. Part-time and full-time students at CCS are automatically eligible to participate in CCS Athletics as long as academically eligible.


Application Process

All homeschooled students desiring to apply to the CCS Athletics Program will need to submit:

  • Student Application

  • Student Questionnaire

  • 2 Reference Forms (one completed by a parent; the other by the student's pastor or youth pastor)

  • $50 enrollment fee per year per student

  • Most recent academic progress report (standards for grades outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook will be used to determine academic eligibility)

  • Parent/student interview with the Administrator will also need to be scheduled


Families will be contacted about acceptance into the CCS Athletics Program. The Administrator reserves the right to refuse athletic participation for any reason.



  • $175 per (6th-8th grades)

  • $200 per (9th-12th grades)

  • Other fees may apply to specific sports


Other Required Forms

  • MACS homeschool athletics participation form

  • CCS athletics permission form

  • Sports phyiscal

  • Completed health questionnaire

  • Immunization records

  • Health records



As a representative of the school, all students participating in CCS Athletic Program must adhere to the handbook guidelines, including the dress code and standards of behavior. Students not adhering to the school's code of conduct may be dismissed from the CCS Athletic Program. No refunds will be given for students that are dismissed from the program.

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